the Very Definition of a “Trying to out-Triceratops” a triceratops | Zack Greinke gets ejected from game [Part 3]

By standing on a triceratops to make a play at first, Zack Greinke (above - portrayed by an eastern gray tree squirrel) made umpire Sam Holbrook either feel like he’d been a) Out-Triceratops’d    b) this whole thing is imagined by Holbrook, as he’s actually seeing himself, another triceratops and a squirrel in place of said events -or-    c) neither of those two things…he was not on the umpiring crew at Minute Maid Park today.

I’ll just link to the L’ejection post for those who haven’t seen parts 1 and 2.  I’m pretty sure I’m okay with being finished with these reenactments, now.