Things I don’t Want to Hear Tomorrow

*Suppan’s keeping the hitters off balance.

*He’s really throwing Darts [err… maybe frisbees]

[Sorry, but Thom Yorke loves baseball and doesn’t know it]

*It looks like he may go 6+ innings, after giving up only one hit.

* BA “And Kotsay! What a heads’ up play in CF! Marrrrk Kotsayyyy! Have yourself a night!”

Let’s hope there is no reason to face Huston Street, but:

"Now remember" [this is Rock speaking, by the way, after he and BA look at his tiny, stingy little line of numbers that I have to squint to see] … remember that Street has had.. what? An ERA over 6 a number of appearances prior to last night with the Rockies?"  [Grrr… small sample size grrr.]

- - - -

List is done. I shouldn’t say “I hope people enjoyed this,” but it’d be nice to see 4 2/3 IP w/ 3BB and 2 or 3 runs with Kotsay in the field so the results are everything Petco has to offer: Lot’s of doubles and triples because of Kotsay.

I’m not sure if this link really helps, and kind of doubt Kotsay would be used at all.